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88I6545-C5-TFJ1-C000 MARVELL        2000 
    Tungying Electronics Limited
  • Contact:Zheng
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88I6545-C5-TFJ1-C000 Datasheet

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VCC= 480V VGE =15V j
Tj = 250C I C= 7.8A j
J j r

A normal operating conditions occurs when the power supply output is overloaded or if output voltage t0 1.OV Therefore the maximum peak switch current is lpk(max)=l.OV/Rs, and under the normal operating conditions the peak inductor current controlled by the voltage at pinl.
APPLICATIONS . Voice Gateways . Multi-Service Access Platforms . DSLAMs/Access Concentrators . Remote Access Switches . Web Switches . Layer 3 Switches . Backbone Switches/Routers . RAIDs . Set Top Boxes . Networked Printers * Cellular Base Stations